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Bridal tips are really indispensable for any bride-to-be. She would approach the elders in the family, ask her friends, go through magazines for brides, or simply walk into the beauty parlor to splurge on various beauty care treatments for brides. If your wedding is around the corner and you are looking for bridal tips, we suggest that you go through the ones that we at Beauty Tips Hub have provided for you.

A perfect wedding is what all girls dream of and this important occasion is looked upon as the time to splurge, to get pampered and be the centre of attraction! This is the reason why bridal beauty tips are so sought after.

Bridal Makeup Tips

The concept of bridal wedding tips for beauty is often misinterpreted by many as limited only to bridal makeup and the way the bride looks on her wedding day, including the wedding dress and wedding jewelry. This is however, a part of the entire bridal beauty regimen incorporating various bridal tips that the bride-to-be must follow religiously everyday, beginning at least six months prior to the main day.

On the wedding day, make-up and concealers hide most of the flaws (if any), but what is most important is to appear dew-fresh with a beautiful glow from within. This is not a difficult task but what is required is total dedication towards yourself.

So, if your wedding is about six or eight months away, then begin with getting plenty of sleep everyday to avoid dark circles under the eyes. Besides, drink 10-12 glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated.

Using hair care packs that suit your hair type, and hot oil turban treatment, are some of the things you need to do to rejuvenate your hair. You may experiment with different hair cuts and styles to find out which hair style suits you the best. Major beauty parlors and hair stylists have hair design software that helps you "try out" hair styles in the virtual space. You do not have to have a hair cut to try out a new hair style.

Choose the right cosmetics for the wedding; do not compromise on the quality of the cosmetics. Select a type of make up that matches your skin type and your skin color.

Get manicures, pedicures, facials and glycolic peels done, to give your face, hands and feet a radiant glow and supple look that will make others go green with envy! Taking up a cleaning, toning and moisturizing regimen every day. Use a sunscreen lotion before going out.

You should also eat a balanced diet that includes the right proportion of proteins, fresh fruits and fruit juices, dry fruits and nuts, salads and green leafy vegetables. You may consult a dietitian for this purpose.

Shedding those extra pounds is also helpful. A combination of Pilates and yoga can be a great way to loose weight. Do not choose weight loss pills or similar products to loose weight. Remember, loose weight the healthy way. There are no shortcuts to a good figure.

Choose your bridal wear carefully. The shade, texture and color of your wedding dress should complement your figure and skin color. This includes bridal footwear, too. Complete your wedding planning well in advance-from the shade of nail enamel to the eye shadow that you will wear on your wedding day. Last minute goof ups can seriously hamper your wedding plans.

If you are planning a theme wedding, say for example, a beach wedding-you should design your wedding dress, wedding footwear and wedding jewelry to match the theme of your wedding.

There are numerous beauty salons offering bridal hair care programs and other bridal packages that include bridal mehndi, bridal hairstyle and bridal eye makeup. These bridal packages help you to groom yourself for the most precious day of your life. You may join a bridal make over program about a month before your wedding.


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