A lot is said about beauty coming from within, but it is a fact that down the years women and men have used cosmetics to beautify their bodies. From body paint to kohl-men and women have tried to add an "extra" effect. Love them, curse them-you cannot ignore the importance of cosmetics.

From concealers, hair sprays, hair gels, face powders, nail enamels, to eye shadows-cosmetics have an entire industry to their credit. And the popularity of cosmetics goes on increasing with the popularity of beauty pageants.

There are many brands of cosmetics that you can choose from-and this is one area that you should not compromise on. From Chambor to Revlon, you will be spoiled for choice. However, the point is that the cosmetics you choose should match with your skin type, skin texture and skin color. You may seek the advice of a beautician if you are not sure about how to apply makeup and which kind of makeup suits you best. Before you use any new cosmetic product try to do a patch test to test for allergic reactions.

You can look your best without cosmetics-a naturally radiant skin can look great too. But, if you prefer to use cosmetics try for the "natural" look, that is-use makeup but do not look over made up. The right blusher, the right eye-shadow, the right base makeup can result in an effect that can make you look like the winner of a beauty pageant. This is after all what makeup artists do-they know how to apply the right kind of makeup to the celebrities. However, one rule about applying makeup is, do not wear makeup for long stretches of time. Over use of cosmetics can make your skin rough. If you have to use cosmetics on a regular basis, make sure that you have a regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine in place.

If you have sensitive skin, using natural cosmetic products from The Natural Cosmetics Company and Biotique would suit your skin type. If you are more conscious of the cosmetic brands, then opt for anything from Revlon, Mac, Loreal, Maybelline, FCUK, Avon, Crabtree and Evelyn Products, Elizabeth Arden, Marlene Klein and Gillette Products to Chambor, La Prairie, Garden Botanika, Crabtree and Evelyn Products, Charles of the Ritz and Tura International.


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