Lip Makeup

When you are getting ready for a party or an outing with your friends or even for work and you would like to make an impression on the people around you-you should not forget lip makeup. An attractive pair of lips is tempting and has a vital role in making you look attractive and beautiful. Colors used for lip makeup needs to be chosen with great care.

Things you need for lip makeup

  1. Lip liner
  2. Lipstick(s)/ Lip color(s)
  3. Lip gloss
  4. Lip glitter
  5. Lipstick brush

However, lip makeup will enhance the beauty of your lips but you need to make sure that your lips stay well moisturized and naturally beautiful.

5 steps to get beautiful lips

Following a few simple steps can help you to get those perfect lips you yearned for a long time:

The first step to have beautiful lips is to make them soft and supple. Use a lip salve or a lip balm to keep your lips soft and moisturized.

The simplest homemade lip balm that you can use is a mixture of 1 drop honey, 1 drop olive oil and 1 drop almond oil. Massage this mixture, gently, into the skin of your lips before you go to bed at night.

Always remove all traces of makeup from your lips before you go to bed at night.

Drink lots of water. Drink a balanced diet and exercise regularly. If your body is in good shape, your lips will look healthy.

Avoid smoking, and chewing tobacco. Also, avoid chewing beetle leaves. These may stain your lips.

Avoid eating junk foods and keep your alcohol intake to the minimum.

Makeup tips for lip makeup

It's possible to get those tempting, luscious lips in a few quick steps:

Apply a light foundation (base makeup), evenly, to your lips. Dust a light face powder on them. This will ensure that the lip color stays on longer.

Get the desired shape of your lips with a lip pencil or a lip liner. Ideally the color of the lip liner should match the shade of your lip color or lipstick.

The beauty of your lips depends on how perfectly you outline them. For a perfect outline rest your elbows on a hard surface and then draw the borders. Border the upper lip first. Give your upper lips a Cupid's bow shape and then go on to the lower one.

Apply the lipstick or lip color to your lips.

Always use a brush while applying lipstick on the lips. Choose a lipstick which suits your dress, hair and complexion and fill the outlined portion with it. Open your mouth and apply the lip color evenly on your lips. You may use lip sticks or liquid lip colors. For a glossy effect apply lip gloss over your lipstick. If you are going out in the evening, you may even use lip glitter.

Use a blotting tissue to remove excess lip makeup. Lightly press the blotting tissue onto your lips and remove it.

Lip sticks and lip colors usually have three different effects: matte, frosted, glossy. Ideally, those with thick lips should avoid lip gloss and glossy lip sticks or lip colors.


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